Index Card Pin

Such a minor thing… :blush:

But could pin for label indicator not obstruct to the index card title please? It’s cute and I would use it over the corner marker - if it was shifted to the far left.

It’s on the list! :slight_smile:

Though it should be on the far right of each index card, not left, but otherwise yes.

Thanks ladies, I don’t mind which side as long as it doesn’t obstruct.

Though my preference is to left because:

  1. It’s consistent with corner marker positioning - and that works for me
  2. The right has the other file indicator so it might become a little cluttered in that corner
  3. Your website, shows a mac screen with pin position to left:

But as always, whatever you guys think is best. :slight_smile:

It will be like the Mac, whether you refer to that side as the right or left. :slight_smile:

Oh excellent, we get the choice. I didn’t want to ask in fear of sounding too demanding.

Thanks Amber! :smiley: