Index card printing

The new update suggests that some level of “Index Card Printing” is possible

I’ve searched for help topics here & in FAQ and haven’t found any- I appologize if I’m duplicating another thread.

How do you go about printing the cards from the corkboard on index cards? Closest I’ve been able to come is getting 2 “cards” onto a 4x6 index card and not coming anywhere close to using the whole area of the card itself for printing. I was hoping for something as close to “old school” style index card stuff as possible.
Not a huge deal if it can’t be done, but it would be nice to be able to get away from a screen for a little while :smiley:

Any help appreciated- Thanks!!

Click in the corkboard, on the cork or on a card, to put focus on the corkboard.
Click File/Print Preview… and then the printer icon (might be off the right end of the tool bar).
Click File/Print Current Document…

I’ve been working with that, but this is the best I get…

any way to get each one to print on a separate card?

That looks like Landscape. Portrait is more space efficient.
Try adding some keywords and a label to see some color on the card.

I don’t think actually printing on physical index cards is the point since the cards you see have variable sizes and are not restricted to 3x5 or 5x8 or whatever plus the text can exceed a single card. Think of it as a benefit in that you have plenty of room to make changes and notes.

Thanks for your help- much appreciated.

Was just hoping to be able to work on order on individual cards.

Thx again!

There’s always scissors.

Lol- at which point I chuck all this crap out- and go sharpen some pen nibs! :mrgreen: