index cards and screenwriting

I am writing a screenplay. I have created an outline using index cards. I have the cards open on the left side of my window and I have split the screen so that on the right side I have a screenplay document open. Using the up and down buttons in the top right corner of the screenplay window I can “tab” up and down, which gets me to a page connected to each index card.

I have written two scenes which correlate to two index cards. But the two scenes behave as if they are two different documents. How do I connect the two scenes? How do I make a continuous screenplay document AND keep the functionality of the index cards?

Last semester I wrote a screenplay with Scrivener as a separate single document and I had an outline which was also a single document made of index cards, but I did not link the screenplay to the index cards. Hence, I was not taking full advantage of the index card tool. I can do index cards OR I can do screenplay. How do I integrate them?

Ultimately I need to print one long continuous screenplay. Also I need to be able to edit within the screenplay, not just the screenplay pages linked to each index card.

Thank you.

Take a look at the interactive tutorial project (it can be created via the Help menu). It will explain how to select multiple documents and enter “Scrivenings mode”. That’s what you want to learn how to do, so that you view all of your documents as one longer document.

I haven’t worked with screenplay formats in Scrivener, but in general one uses the Compile process to select what material is to be printed and what kind of white space, page breaks, etc., if any, get inserted between the individual documents. Not sure about the Mac version, but if the File > Compile dialog box is small, with only a few entries, look for a down arrow button to click to expand it so you can see all Compile options.