Index Cards Color, Sticky Notes, StoryBoard Collage

My wish list would be a storyboard which would allow

  1. The colors of Individual index cards to be changed (with a right click of the mouse).
    I’m new, but it seems that in Scrivener there is an option to change the index cards in preferences,but it changes all of them to that color.
  2. The story board would allow for a “sticky note” view comment (which could be changed to an index card view, similar to Storyist). But it would also allow the “sticky note” to be various colors.
  3. This story board-which could have sticky notes, different colored index cards–would allow for these movable parts to be free from the binder folders/files.

The reason I am requesting this --is for “visual cues” (kind of subconscious) of the parts. Visual cues is one of the things that it is easy to lose on computer text which is so “clean” (versus old days typewriter, colored pen notes).


View > Use [Label] Color In > Index Cards. Ctrl-click on cards and choose the label to assign the colour. (Set up labels and colours in Project > Meta-Data Settings.)

This is antithetical to Scrivener’s whole corkboard concept - the entire purpose of Scrivener’s corkboard is that it allows you to restructure your work, moving around items on the board to reorder the items in the binder. However, there’s no reason you couldn’t just set up a separate folder especially for such notes if you don’t want them affecting anything else in the binder.

All the best,

Hi Keith,
I had forgotten about coloring the index cards via label. I haven’t used this because it will then color every card with that label in my project. I’m thinking of something more free form and temporary, such as when in the free form mode for cards to be able to use colors to help look at different storylines, connections. (Perhaps one day sticky notes comments could be considered.)
Thank you for your other suggestion about setting up a separate folder. I also think “collections” are a place to story board.


Hi Missy,

Have you tried using Keywords? If you use Keywords, any document can have any number of keywords you want. And then you can use “View” -> “Corkboard Options” -> “Show Keyword Colors”.

It doesn’t colour the entire index card, but it adds a little coloured square on the side.

I like keywords because you can add as many as you like, and they don’t interfere with whatever other Label and Status structure that you use. (You can also do Saved Search Collections based on keywords.)