Index of Keywords for Back Matter

The ability to create an index of the keywords feature in the back matter of the compiled document.

This added feature would utilize keyword functionality for e-reading and printed books to give the reader the same search ability as the writer does searching through his or her project.

My current workaround is to send my document to Adobe Indesign and do the finish work there. But I’d love to not have to go some Microsoft or Adobe to get an index.

Here’s how they do it.
-Adobe … index.html
-Microsoft … a9d14bf073

Possible Solutions:
-Add a placeholder for keywords and where they are located in all documents.

Thanks for all that you’ve been doing on the Windows updates! Merry Christmas!

I would love this, too! Please add this feature, and maybe don’t refer to the cards on the corkboard as “index cards” but just “cards” so that there will not be so much difficulty finding information about indexes in the back of books, because I get 500 hits about index cards.