Indexing: Folder size

Thinking about my current * indexing predicament ^ …

Does it matter how many items and/or ‘words’ are in individual folders?

I ask because for my old writing tool (Info Select [infoselect]), its tech said that its best indexing and resultant searching is done when I used several small folders vs. fewer large, even were the folders levels-down sub-folders within others.

(IS’s ‘documents’ were actually DB entries, not individual files: For IS, the indexing hung from the documents’ folders.)

*Pending my PC upgrade and current further testing of my background processes.
^Details perhaps at another time; suffice it to say, each initial Scrivener indexing of about 300 text-MBs (and occasionally during the day) can be minutes long.

I do have some large content folders, ‘words’ and items.