Anybody know anything about software that can help generate indexes, including nested items?
My money is on Amber and Alexandra. Any clues?



I’ve actually always used LaTeX for these sorts of things, and so I really have never researched anything beyond it.

I’ve used two: Index Maker, a run-time product built on the Panorama database engine from ProVue, and the indexing function that’s built into Microsoft Word. Index Maker is quite cheap and gets good results. If you already own Word, learning to index is fairly simple: you add mark-up codes to a copy of your files and then generate an index, editing it as needed.

Hmmmm, sorry to disappoint, but I don’t know of anything either. I haven’t had a huge need for indexing as yet. You may want to check out the Mellel forum, since this issue has come up frequently (since Mellel doesn’t to indexing and folks have been pressing hard for it).


Recently announced Nisus Writer Pro is due to do indexing.


I use Cindex. But it’s a proper app designed for professional indexers. It will do embedded indexes (where the codes are plugged into the text) in any RTF document, much more flexibly and professionally than Word.

Thanks, Michael. I’ll look into it.