Indicate which footnotes to include in compile?

Is there a mechanism within Scrivener to allow the user to indicate which footnotes to include and which to exclude when compiling for output?

I have noticed that there is the ability to convert a footnote to a comment (and back), but this mechanism does not leave a trace within the converted footnote that it used to be a footnote which means it can not be easily differentiated from comments that were originally created as comments.

Would be really great if there was an “include when compiling” checkbox for each footnote (and for that matter, for each comment as well).

Is there some other way of indicating which footnotes and which comments to include in when compiling?

Note A: My workaround at this writing is:

  1. To place the characters "fn " before a footnote that has been converted to a comment.
  2. To NOT include comments when compiling and to include footnotes.

Note B: There seems to be no way to search for, or filter for, or “find in project” by “in comments” or “in footnotes” or “in inline comments” (the way Scrivener now offers search filters for “in notes” and “in synopsis”). These would be extremely useful search filters for those using “collections” to manage citations, indexes, glossaries, bibliographies, illustrations, margin notes, pull quotes, internal and external links, locations, time and calendar events, people, things, plot moments and epochs, etc.


Yes, so long as you use inline footnotes for these conditional footnotes, this is possible through the use of Styles, which as part of the compile Format’s settings, can be set to delete the contents of the styled text. Through character styles, you can omit parts of, or even the entirety of, the footnote.

I use this technique in the user manual project, where sometimes a footnote pertains only to the Windows or Mac version of the software. Each version of the manual has its own compile format, and so these “Mac Only Text” or “Win Only Text” character styles are indicated in each format as being deleted, if they relate to the opposing edition. Otherwise I do nothing with the style.

Let me know if you need a more hands-on level of information with any of this.