Inkbok Subscription Service

Earlier, I mentioned a new ebook subscription service that’s just getting started. Well, they ran into trademark issues, so Nokbok is now Inkbok and their new website is here:

It’s less expensive that the other subscription services, $4.95 v. $8.95 and up, and I suspect that will be a major plus. I can’t see people paying as much to read ebooks as for Netflix.

It also has a business model that’s likely to be far more viable. Here is their description:

They’ve yet to launch because the apps for iOS and Android won’t be ready until probably March, but they are accepting ebook submissions. I’ve placed three of mine there, sending them exactly the same files (cover and epub) that I supplied Apple. That seems to be OK and it means no additional labor on my part.

It’s certainly an option to consider. It’s easy to join and you can quit at any time. If they end up with some sort of ranking scheme, getting in early might be a plus.

Oh, and they have something I’ve not yet seen the others offer–a free subscription level. If you’ve got a series of books, you could place the first one there and draw attention to your other books in the paid area for reading there or for purchase.

They’ll also be offering a way to sell your ebooks online and, if I read them right, you’ll get 80% of retail versus 70% at Apple and somewhat less than 70% at Amazon (due to Amazon’s exorbitant download fees).

It certainly worth a try, particularly if you already have Apple-ready epub files. The upload procedure is much easier than Apple or Amazon and you aren’t required to have an ISBN.

They’ll also have an area for short stories and documents than can be done in installments. That might work well for serializing a story as it grows into a book. Earn while you write rather after it’s all done.

[b]And finally, you might want to set up as a publisher account rather than an author account. Doing that is a manual process. Contact them at:

I did that and it’s not hard. It allows you to use multiple pen names or to publish for yourself and friends. You need a publisher name for that.[/b]

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL

This one seems promising to me… guess we’ll see :slight_smile:

I put my book up there a while back… waiting on them to launch.


I just got an email from Inkbok. Here’s what it says:

Inkbok coming in March. It’s finally here :slight_smile:

We are happy to announce that will be launching this month. If you are a reader, Inkbok will offer access to thousands of books, articles, poetry, short stories and more for just $4.95 a month. You’ll also have the ability to connect with other readers and authors with similar interests, build your own library, share it, and rate and review work. Authors will have the ability to connect with readers and other authors, as well as receive feedback on their writings.

Together, we’ll give money each month to a cause. For our first month, we are focusing on poverty. Let us know your thoughts on this issue on our blog: March Charity Project.

We will be adding some promotional materials (logos, press release, banners etc.) to Inkbok in the next day or so. Recently, we released a new video with one of our founders: Inkbok Video. Help us out by telling your friends about Inkbok. This community will only be as good as we make it, so let’s make it the best.

Here’s that video and it is well worth watching. Sounds like Inkbok will have some interesting features for authors to stay in touch with readers.

Love their logo!


Alas, Inkbok is (almost) no more. They didn’t have enough money to develop the very necessary reader app, for their paid service. They’ve kept up their website with their free books, so you might want to visit there for lots of self-published fiction:

Too bad. I thought their $4.95 was closer to the sweet spot for ebook subscription than the current ones being offered at $9-10


Yep… I made a few (very few) bucks from them… wish they had made it. I liked their site and their plan.