Inline annotation + style background - - Bug?

Not sure if it is a bug, and if it is (I doubt this is intended) I can’t tell for how long it has been like that, although I am pretty sure that it wasn’t so before.

When a paragraph is applied a paragraph formatting style that has a background color, although you can still tweak the font color in the editor, inline annotations always have the font black instead of going with the set annotation color.
You only get the box (which is colored), but if you happen to have a long annotation it makes it quite hard to spot it, as the box is mostly along the edges of the editor. You almost have to be looking for it. In the sense that if you start reading in the middle of a long annotation, you have no real visual clue.

I use annotations mostly as markings for parts of documents I intend to reprint, thus the long annotations, and now that I am at this stage on my current project, that doesn’t work so well. (I don’t recall having issues in the past. – Or it just so happens that this time I am using more of a style that has a background color, (?))

Okie dokie. Thank you for reading this. :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I guess, this one document I am now working on behaves normally.
Same style with its background color : in this one document the font color changes according to the annotation’s color no problem. (With the exact same color that refuses to be anything but black in the previous document.)
So… not a bug. Just my project that has some of its documents a bit corrupted, I suppose.
I’ll come back on the topic if I can later identify some sort of correlation…

. . . . . . . . . . .

Same project, same everything, but in another document :

(And it is not the indent that I mistakenly didn’t set the same for the no-background-color paragraph, that just makes no difference in the result.)