Inline Annotations changed colour from red to grey

Hi there,
I use inline annotations frequently to highlight where I need to come back and correct some text, add a reference, etc. These have always appeared in red, and so very obvious and I can jump quickly to them.
Yesterday all new annotations decided to appear in grey. Changing text colour in preferences makes no difference.
I may have inadvertently toggled some layout, although cannot see what this might be.
By the way, inline footnotes have always been in gray, and have not changed.

Any ideas appreciated

Thank you

As far as I remember, annotations take their colour from the last one applied to any annotation. I.e. if yours started out red, then you changed the colour of one to grey, then all new annotations from that point will be grey.

So, to go back to red, just highlight an annotation, cmd-shift-c to bring up the colour swatch (or use the format bar) and choose red.

I don’t think there’s a way to change the existing grey ones to red automatically, but you can cycle through them by Edit > Find > Find by Formatting and setting the dialogue as follows:

Once you’ve found the first one, the entire annotation should be highlighted, so apply the new colour as before, and then press ‘Next’ or (shift-opt-cmd-g) to find the next one and repeat.

As an aside, you can make this fairly quick if you arrange the windows like this, so it’s Click Next, Click Colour, Click Next… etc.