Inline annotations preferences

how do you set the preference for a specific color on the inline annotations? And can you set it to be bold?

Don’t know if you have Windows or Mac Scrivener; following instructions are for Mac:

  • Place your insertion point inside any inline annotation. Do not select any text. Just have your insertion point sitting there, blinking.
  • Type shift-command-c. The Colour Picker dialog will open.
  • Pick a colour. Any colour. Close the dialog.

Not only will the annotation that your insertion point is in change colour, but every annotation afterwards will be the new colour, until you choose another.

As for bold—some people have managed to create an “annotation style” that will simultaneously apply a character format such as bold, plus annotation status. I’ve never gotten it to work quite the way I want. I’d simply set up a bold style, apply it, then set inline annotation status. You’re on your own for combining them.

Thanks. I may try to do a keyboard shortcut for the bold application.

The difference on Windows is that you actually have to select the entire annotation to change its colour; that it doesn’t work the other way is something they have yet to fix.

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