Inline spellcheck - how to fix spelling without adding a carriage return?

In MacOS 3, Scrivener offers a correct spelling under the mis-spelled word. I can get it to make the correction by hitting ‘return’ but that drops the cursor to the next line. I’ve tried various key-combos and checked the manual, but how to I accept the correction and leave the cursor at the end of the corrected word?

This is standard MacOS behaviour. Just keep typing. You only need to take action if you don’t want the corrections.

If you see a suggestion while you are typing (and much depends on how fast you type, the length of the word, and the speed of your Mac), you can accept the suggested word by pressing the space bar.

For example, I started writing “antelope”, when I reached “antelo”, the suggested word came up. To complete the word, I just needed to press the space bar and to continue typing the next word. Also works with punctuation. (In that sentence, I just typed “punct” and the suggestion came up. I typed a full stop, and the word and sentence were completed for me.)

The F5 key can also be used to display a list of suggestions while typing.

Apple support document.


The spacebar, of course! Now I feel dumb, but in my defense, this is a first-ever for me Mac, so I get a couple of Doh’s! The punctuation ending is cool too!

Thank you!

Glad to help. No reason to feel anything other than completely brilliant … we have all been there at some time. Always finding new ways of doing things.