Insert horizontal rule

I’d like to be able to add a plain old horizontal rule to pages, like this:

It seems like Scrivener used to have this feature but doesn't anymore, because another Wish List topic came up as I was making this post about changing the color of a horizontal line; however, there is no Edit --> Insert --> Horizontal Line in the current Windows version, even though Scrivener does support *displaying* them if you copy and paste one (from this post, for example). This is only one step less silly than LibreOffice not supporting horizontal rules in any reasonable sense at all.

Do you mean this one?

Look into menu “Insert” instead of “Edit”.


It is worth noting that is a display glitch, not a feature. If you reload the project you will find the line has vanished, and indeed the code for it is never stored on the disk. The text engine does not support HTML horizontal rules like that, and the ones you will find in the Insert menu are essentially compromises (tricks with underline formatting, tab stops and the insertion of _ characters).

What version of Scrivener are you using and for what OS? My Insert menu is in the Edit menu.

That’s a shame, I wish it did. I think MS Word uses some kind of odd kludge solution, too, but it’s the most functional one of any word processor I’ve tried. The Horizontal Line as featured in Open and LibreOffice causes formatting issues if you need to edit around it and doesn’t always display correctly after save and reload, even though the area still has the “Horizontal Line” style applied. Word’s just works.

Sorry for the double post, I don’t think I can reply to two people at the same time.

Scrivener 3.0.1 for Windows

:open_mouth: Never noticed that!

@AmberV Just wondering… how does it work when the page width change?

It doesn’t. :wink: You’ll need to set the width according to the output (which may or may not look weird in the editor itself).

If your workflow depends upon different paper size outputs, consider either optimising for the narrowest, or using compile format Replacements to insert the desired quantity of _ characters. For example, typing # # # into the editor, as a centre-aligned style, and then have each different paper size compile format look for that sequence and replace it with the correct amount of underscore characters.

And for ebooks, what I would do is have the replacement convert the text to <hr/>, and set the style you are using for these separators to Treat as raw markup, in the Styles compile format pane.