Insert Spanish Accents?

I’m writing an English Lang book with some Spanish words in it. Do I have to convert it to word or another form or can I insert Spanish accents into the text along with upside down question marks etc. How to do this in Scrivener?

opt-n followed by n gives ñ
opt-1 gives ¡
shift-opt-/ gives ¿
opt-e then a vowel gives that vowel with an acute accent …

Any others? These are all standard Mac keyboard combinations that work in any application. Check the “Keyboard Viewer” … you might have to turn on the keyboard menu through the “International” pane of “System Preferences” to do this (I have always had more than one language keyboard switched on since I had my first Mac nearly 20 years ago, so I don’t know if that menu is there by default or not … when I get a new machine/system it’s the first thing I do, set the Chinese keyboard!).

Do I take it you have just migrated from Windows?

Hope that helps


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