Insert word count into Synopsis

Is it possible to insert the word count of a file–not the word count for the whole project, but just for the current file–into a Synopsis or into Notes? Since each file is a scene in my novel, it would be handy to have the current word count for that scene available in a Compile.

You can choose word count in the outline column and display the word count for each scene in the outliner and have a spread sheet for scene size. If you set a target number for a scene can also show a progress bar in the outliner as well from preset options.

Thanks for that reply. I’ll take a look at that as an alternate approach, but I would still like to know if it is possible to do what I asked.

I have a compile format that prints only Notes and Synopsis. I use the Synopsis to summarize each scene both as currently written and with a stated goal. Then, in the Notes, I make editing notes for revision. Then the output contains only that, but not the actual text. This has proved extremely useful when working through Draft 2, 3, 4.

Right now, I’m entering the word count by hand in the Synopsis. Since the software knows the current count, it would save me a bit of work. If it is not possible, then I know to stop trying to figure it out.

I’m adding this question because it is directly related and would meet the original need.

Is there a placeholder tag for word count of only the current file? A look through the placeholders would imply the answer is no, but I’m asking here in case I missed something.

If it existed, then I could simply add the placeholder down in the Prefix or Suffix area

Yes, Placeholders for Word count do exist. It’ll be interesting to know if that also works in the Synopsis and/or Notes panes.

Check the Placeholders PDF from the Help menu for the details. <$wc> will only be replaced by the word count from compiled documents, though.

Of course the word count per document is also stated centered in the Editor status bar and the Selected Documents tab in the Statistics dialog. Apart from the Outliner columns Lee mentioned.

FYI the word count does work in Synopsis, but it’s for the whole compile, so it’s the same value in every chapter or scene. What’s wanted is a ‘scene count’ or ‘this file’ count. That would be a help when I’m overviewing and balancing chapter lengths.