Inserting a prologue is messing up the way my chapters print

I inserted a prologue ahead of Chapter One in my manuscript. When I print out in Word, I see that Scrivener is counting the prologue as chapter one and thus all my chapter headings are one off. Any suggestions on how to get this to print properly? Thanks!

The prologue needs a different section type. So long as it has the same section type as your chapters, it will compile the same as chapters.

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Here’s a more complete answer.

chapters and headings

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I have added a label called Prologue and select that as my first folder name, However, when I compile, it still shows up as chapter! Help and thank you!

Assuming you are working in windows 1.9(???)
My friend did a video on this topic - 14 Nov 2019

Thanks for the link, I will check it out.