Inserting an image by its URL

I use Scrivener for writing my blog and in order to preserve the exact layout, I compile it as an HTML file and I both post it on the web and email to my MailChimp email list. The problem is when I add an image I’m having to insert a local copy and then manually edit the HTML to replace the local file path for the image to the URL where the image is found in a web based image repository. While manually editing certainly works, it’s also a pain in the arse.

Is there a way I can insert the image via its web based URL so that when I compile the file to HTML, the resulting output already includes the correct image path?

Rob Tanner (aka caspersgrin)

Hello, Rob.

Scrivener doesn’t really do intricate layout. Not exactly what you want, but in the same circumstances, I write using MMD in Scrivener, with Marked 2 as a real-time previewer. No need to faff around with changing image paths, as online images can be referenced from the outset. Sample project and compiled MMD > HTML file attached.

Slàinte mhòr.

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