Inserting comments without date and time

Can one configure a comment insert not omit the date / time, any options on that?


When you create the comment, the focus is moved to the new comment and the date and user information is highlighted: that means you can just type and it will be replaced automatically without you having to do anything. On the other hand, if you want to keep the information you have to take a step to do so (e.g. by using the right arrow).

That being so, is there a problem you see with it being presented as a default, when it doesn’t take any steps to remove it?

For what it is worth, there are also inline Annotations which do not appear with datestamps at all.

Thanks all, the focus thing meets my needs

I’ve just spent a long time trying to work out how to configure this feature, and now having done the obvious thing and looked on this forum (doh) I see you can’t: it’s all or nothing. It would be nice if it were configurable, e.g. I don’t need my name or the time, but the date might be useful. It isn’t the biggest problem I’ve got :slightly_smiling_face: but I was surprised it’s not configurable as it looks like the sort of thing that would be.

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