Inserting date into document

I read Kirk McElhearn article on Journaling and thought it seemed like a great idea. I set it up on my mac. He gave a great tip for inserting dates into entries (a keyboard shortcut that automatically puts the current date and time at the start of your entry).
This sort of writing I generally do at the end of the day (in bed) and on my iPad. But I can’t find a shortcut or menu item that will do this in the IOS version.
Does anyone know if there is one? It isn’t a big deal but would be nice for consistent format.

Much to my surprise, there is a way to insert a date/time stamp into an iOS Scrivener document.

  1. In the extended keyboard row, tap on the “Insert” icon. It looks like a pencil. (see first screenshot below.)
  2. You’ll find an “Insert Date and Time” item at the very bottom of the list that displays. Tap it, and the date and time are inserted. You may need to scroll that options list to see it. (See second screenshot below.)

There’s no date-only or time-only option as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for that. Exactly what I was after. I didn’t look in that spot dur. Thanks.

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