Inserting text between Chapter N and Chapter Name

I am curious if anyone knows how to dynamically insert the contents from the first section of a chapter folder between the chapter number and title during compilation. And if this is the completely wrong way to do this, I’m all ears. :slight_smile: :laughing:

I will try and post the images below…the editor won’t let me post them here.

Chapter N is dynamically generated, followed by the chapter’s name, which is generated by the folder name. I will be adding a song and artist to every chapter and would like them to display between Chapter N and Chapter Name.

Is there a way to enter variables (meta or content) into the Suffix of the Chapter Section Layout?

Currently, I have Playlist set as the first content item under the Chapter folder, and it is its own section type.

Any ideas?

Image 1

Image 2

Since folders can have text just as documents can, simply put the text of ‘Song’ into the parent folder’s text space and delete Song.

• What To Expect During…
                       Nervous Tension
                        by Lemon Jelly
    • What To Expect During…
    • Section 1…

That’s how I would do it.


If you don’t write a Synopsis at Chapter-level, only at Document-level, your could write the Song and Songwriter in Synopsis at each Chapter-level (basically folder-level) and tick the Synopsis box for your Chapter section layout in Compile.
Then fiddle with where best to place the Synopsis “placeholder” that pops up (not to be confused with actual placeholders).
The advantage of this over actual placeholders is that if you don’t have a Song and Songwriter for some chapters, compile won’t allocate blank space instead, making your chapter headings look wonky.

Thank you, Mark! I just tried this and it still puts the song after the dynamically generated Chapter Title.

I would remove the “What to expect…” from the binder title of the containing folder. It should then have just the “Chapter 1” as the title, provided you’ve set it that way.

This is just a quick mock-up so I haven’t spent time setting it so the horizontal rule is not present; whether anything was there on compile is down to section layout and separator settings.