inserting website links into a document

I’ve been trying to produce a well-formed hyperlink in a document without success. The destination url I want to be reachable by clicking on a bit of text is of the form :

Using Edit > link I can put this text into the dialogue box and select the radio button for ‘Web’ which adds the prefix http://

Clicking on this link in my document just produces an error message "Unable to detect the URI-scheme of “”. To get rid of that error message, I have to add ‘www’ to make my link ‘’ but then the server cannot be found. That is not a scrivener problem but a server issue at so I really need to present the link without the ‘www’

If I deselect ‘web’ and retry using ‘No prefix’ and typing in ‘’ then scrivener immediately converts this back to ‘web’ with ‘’ (as revisiting Edit > link shows).

Another link which browsers confirm does work with the www added into the link : with ‘web’ selected fails to open the site with this error message :

'cant find the server at ’

The different browsers I’ve tried cannot decode the %3a, %2f that Scrivener puts in to replace ‘:’ and ‘/’

I haven’t found any way to tune scrivener to my way of thinking. Has anyone cracked this issue with Scrivener in linux ?

Well, it’s been some months and no-one’s come up with a suggestion for this problem. But I do have some news.

This week I bought the latest Windows version of scrivener and installed it on mu UbuntuStudio 16.04 LTS box using Wine wine-2.0-rc6 (Staging). The problem about web links does not exist in the Windows version. It behaves as I would have expected.

Just to be sure, I’ve tried again in the linux beta version and the problem still exists there - in other words, it wasn’t just a matter of rebooting my machine.