Inseting a macron

Does anyone know how to insert a macron? I have tried all the ways I could find to do this - using the ` key before the letter, or shift ~ and the letter. Nothing has worked.
I am trying to write Unos, which needs a macron above the u.
Many thanks

Unicodes near the bottom

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If you have a single use need, just copy the Ū from Wikipedia and Past and Match Style in Scrivener.

It’s also among emojis (Win+. [full stop]) and in the Symbols tab.

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Thank you. I never thought about copying it.

Once you have your nicely copied text, you might find it helpful to set up a text replacement in your project so that every time you type Unos going forward, it auto-corrects it to Ūnos.


Great idea, thanks.
I’ll get that set up.