Inspect one doc while working on another?

Hi, helpful folks.

When I’m working on my document, it would be great to have (for example) character or location images and/or notes handy, so I can check details as I go, without getting lost.

Dragging character and location links into my chapter notes is a great start, but clicking these opens the (blank) doc itself in a split main window, rather than the image/synopsis and notes field where I keep the stuff I want to bear in mind. What I’d like to do is navigate to the relevant info/pic in inspector while still typing away on my chapter.

Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious!


I think that setting it for “Other editor” would do it for you.

Else, there is the Quick reference option, in which case you could have the notes panel of this other document to stay visible at all times. → You’d have to set a layout for your screen space, shared between the two. (Main app + quick reference.)

There would also be the possibility of locking the inspector to your second editor (right click the document icon, in the header of the document to lock it to, → drop down menu), but then you couldn’t see it for your main editor… (The alternative would have you clicking back and forth, the notes disappearing each time, whenever you’d type in the main editor.)

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Thanks! (What an awesome place this is – can’t believe I got a response so fast!)

Unfortunately, setting it to “other editor” splits the screen in two, then puts the (currently blank) content of the character/location doc (not the image/synopsis/notes) in the new window. Likewise, the quick reference panel opens with the content, not the inspector stuff.

Sounds as if the answer to my query is “put the images and notes in the content of the document, not the synopsis/notes inspector bit, then open that in the QRP”?

Quick reference panel :



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Ohhhh now I feel like an idiot. :rofl: I had no idea you could do that! Thanks so much!

(I don’t suppose there’s any way of showing just the notes/synopsis/picture in the quick reference panel, and not the editor?)

You’re way ahead of me here :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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I don’t think you can hide it more than I showed in my last screenshot, but it is almost gone.

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BUT… if I drag the reference image from the synopsis into the editor, then scale it, I can get something very helpful indeed. Not exactly what I was after, but pretty close!

(I can’t upload the image, but believe me it looks pretty bang on.)

Thanks so much for your speedy help!

In this case, perhaps you’d find using document bookmarks even better.

In this case, instead of inserting links to your main document, you drag the target document to the main document’s → Document Bookmarks panel.

. . . . . . .
Set your options like this for when you want/have to assemble your content in the main editor of this reference document :

And then double click the reference document’s title in the bookmarks panel whenever needed. It’ll open the whole document in a quick reference panel.

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Thanks again!

Looking at this, the bookmark still goes to the editor content of the linked document, unless open a quick reference panel and configure as before to see the picture/notes.

Either way, if I put the character/location’s pic in its main document content, I can have that and the notes side by side, which is nice… but the same as I was getting using the links?

So it’s just a choice between bookmarks and links in the notes, and preference/tidiness?

Yes, you would have to assemble your content in the linked document’s main editor.
You can’t otherwise see this second document’s other panels in the main document’s bookmarks panel.

This is great. Thank you!

Whichever way I do this, the default to create a backlink in the bookmarks of the linked document is chef’s kiss


You can zoom in/out of the bookmarks panel just as in a normal editor, btw.

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Ooh, so you can. Thanks!

You can also show Bookmarks as a kind of mini-Binder for the Quick Reference pane. Click the “bookmark” icon in the lower left.

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