Inspector Comment Export Formatting

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So I used to use a bit of a hack to export inspector comments as footnotes for pandoc in scrivener 2. The reason I used comments as footnotes was that Scrivener two allowed me to specify the format comments are exported (when compiling to plain text). I could simply specify that I wanted them surrounded by “^[” and “].” This allowed me to simply write my footnotes in inspector comments and use that whole thing with pandoc-cite for zotero integration.

I realize that the compiler for scrivener 3 has become much more customizable. But I can’t any longer find an option to specify the way in which comments or even footnotes will be exported. Is there a way to do that?

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EDIT: I should have given myself a few more minutes with documentation, I suppose. The solution to the above is to create a new format for multimarkdown export, and in the options under “annotations” one can still specify how inspector comments are exported. All is well now.