Inspector footnotes and document targets


I’ve looked through the discussions on this forum related to the issue of the word count and targets when using the inspector footnotes. But most threads are rather old, perhaps there are some impovments regarding my problem.

I am wondering if there is a way for me to enable automatic word count for documents — both for target and statistic purposes — which would also count inspector footnotes? Inspector footnotes suit much better to my workflow rather than inline footnotes, but because I can’t find the way how to make them count in document targets, this is extremely confusing. Like, I have a limitation of 6,500 words for a section, but targets say I only have 4,500 — the rest is in the inspector footnotes. Very annoying!

By the way, same applies the outliner view — I would love to have an ability to see the exact word count and exact progress bar for my documents including the footnotes without turning them into inline footnotes! Is there a way of doing that?

Looking forward to hearing about possible know-how!

There is no way to include this in a live count simply because this would slow down typing, since Scrivener would have to incorporation calculations of external elements while typing. However, if you click on the word count in the footer bar, a popover appears with more statistics, and that includes an option for seeing the word count including footnotes - so you would just need to click on the footer bar to see the count whenever you need it.

All the best,