Inspector footnotes disappeared, shift+f5 not working

Good morning,

I have a deadline tomorrow morning and somehow, when I opened my project file this morning, all my inspector footnotes turned into hyperlinks in the text. The last word of the sentence is hyperlinked and when I place my cursor on the link, it shows something like ‘scrivcmt://…’ with a combination of numbers and letters behind the double slash. Very confusing and very bad timing, since I really would like the footnotes to come back. Did I do something wrong? Where did my footnotes go? Also, Scrivener does not respond to shift+f5 anymore. So it appears that it’s not working somehow.

Any help before tomorrow would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you in advance.

Try checking the Format menu, then Convert, then Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes. Somehow they may have gotten converted to inline footnotes. Hopefully the above may help, and won’t trash the whole thing! Maybe make a copy of one document and try it on the copy to see whether it works.