Inspector Footnotes don't appear; Inline Footnotes okay

Hello Scrivener World, new user here, posting for the first time.

I’m trying to add footnotes to my document. Inline footnotes appear on compile (to .rtf for opening in Word), but inspector footnotes are not appearing. What am I doing wrong? “Remove footnotes” in compile is not checked.

I’m using Scrivner 2.4.1 for Mac with OS Mavericks

That’s difficult to say without more information, seeing as both types of footnotes go through the same export process. One thing I notice from your screenshot is that the inspector footnote is still being edited. If you only just added and compiled before you ended editing it, it might not be compile because it’s not fully assigned to the text until editing ends (click back in the editor or hit escape to end editing). That’s a bit of a long shot, though, given that I can’t think of anything that would cause one footnote type to be compiled without the other, so any more information you can provide would be useful.

P.S. I also recommend updating to Scrivener 2.5.

Any chance you accidentally set it to compile inspector footnotes as endnotes, and they’re just showing up differently in your document? It looks from the screenshot as though the note did compile at least once, because it’s got the “1” up in the corner, corresponding to its last compiled footnote (or endnote) number.

Thanks for your help! No, they were not set to endnotes, but possibly there was something going on about that note being in an editing mode still – the problem resolved itself when I moved on with my work and created another footnote. Once there were two in the document, both appeared.