Inspector footnotes: formatting OR Inline footnotes: menu option to hide/show all


I feel like this must have been requested before, in which case my apologies, but I’ve tried searching the Wish List forum with no result.

I love inspector footnotes, because they keep my main text front and centre as I write. I don’t like inspector footnotes, because I can’t apply any styles (& in what I assume is a related issue, other tools such as ProWritingAid don’t work on them). The styles are important because I write in multiple languages, and on occasion I even include block quotes or other paragraph formatting in footnotes, which is common in humanities writing.

I have to include a large number of footnotes and the inline footnotes really clutter up the text editor, making the flow of my text very difficult to observe within Scrivener.

Is there any chance that inspector footnotes will gain Style support?

OR as an alternative, is there any chance that you could add an option to hide/show all inline footnotes? Ideally, a marker would still be displayed, so that I can tell that a footnote is present, but the contents would be collapsed. Super-cool would be a way to expand or collapse individual inline footnotes, in addition to the global hide/show functionality.

If the hide/show option is easier, then it would be sufficient for my needs.


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If I remember rightly …

Way back, when Scrivener for Mac was about v. 1.5, and the iOS and Windows versions weren’t even in the offing, Keith spent months working directly with Apple engineers trying to get this to work. The Apple engineers couldn’t do it either.

But of course, at that time, Styles were also deemed too problematical, so carry on wishing but …


Just want to say, +1 to this, very strongly…

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