Inspector Footnotes Options,,,

Thanks alot and I am appreciated for your work on scrivener as a writing program, i fall in love with it and it is so amazing, so thankful for all programmers and creative people in literature and latte.

I tried alot find the toturials about editing footnotes in inspector so to edit the numbers style from superscript to regular, also to add brackets like this: ( ) and the number get automatically inside it…

could not find any way to do that!

But the text inside document I could find some way to add brackets for footnotes like in this pic:

Is there another easy automatic way to edit footnotes style: regular, superscript, etc… also adding the brackets with the text footnotes and in the inspector?

Is there any way for:

1- referring to the same footnote more than once?
as example:

2- dividing the one page in text document to three sections, so to compile and printout document to appear like this:
one section: for the regular text
second: for the footnotes appear under separator line from the text
third: another separator line under footnotes to be the reference for these footnotes

explain it by sketching on scrivener windows like this:


Hope to find scrivener in Arabic language user interface soon

Thanks again and so sorry for my bad English language that make my explanations get long and long!

I Need help for editing footnotes by adding brackets to its number in the inspector,
an advice please


I’m a Mac user who also doesn’t use Word or OpenOffice, nor do I use Arabic, so I’m not sure what is possible for you, but …

I don’t think it’s possible to put parentheses round the footnote number in Scrivener … if it is, one of the team may be along to tell you how. But that is the sort of thing that I would expect to sort out in a WordProcessor.

Having compiled my text to RTF (or doc/docx … but if you use Word or OpenOffice, compiling to RTF and opening that in Word/OO is likely to be more reliable) I would then open it in my word processor and do a “Find and Replace” to replace each superscript number with ( the superscript number ). But I can’t advise you how to do that in your word processor.

As for Scrivener with an Arabic language interface, my guess is that you might have to wait a very long time for that.


Mr X

So thankful for your responding, I really appreciate that.

In fact I guessed that there is no way for editing the footnotes numbers but wondered: maybe I am wrong and have to ask for it!

About the word: I used word from long time, say more than 20 years ago…!
I am complaining from the way of footnotes being added without brackets directly, so I used to do it manually, and later I used a macro procedure inside word.

Also word has many problems … long documents >> hanging when it is reaching long and long , sub documents >>> etc …

So I decide to leave it when finding Scrivener!!! So professional and ((easy)) for texting … etc

Wish to stay in scrivener , never back to word for editing again and again :unamused:

Finally about the Arabic interface in Scrivener, I believe If scrivener get an Arabic edition, it will spread so fast among Arab student and academics…

Most ((not all)) are using word with arabic interface, and many wish to find another easy professional texting software: especially for long documents and a professional footnotes adding and editing.

Best Regards,