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In the Inspector the ‘Notes’ does not keep it’s boundaries, it does not automatically go to the next line. Is this intentionally? (It does btw in the Tutorial, but not in a new project.)

Hi, I’m really sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you mean. :slight_smile: What do you mean by the notes not keeping its “boundaries”? Please could you explain this. Please break it down: what do you expect it to do? What does it actually do? What steps do I need to take EXACTLY to reproduce this bug?

I’m sorry, English is not my native tongue and when it comes to computers etc it’s even more difficult for me to say what I want to say but I’ll try again. Here it is:

In Inspector, Meta-Data (with Notes)
when I write something in Notes the left and right margins are beyond the actual Notes-space.

Hope I made myself clear now but I doubt it.javascript:emoticon(’:cry:’) :cry: :cry:

Stopped Scrivener, opened Scrivener, the problem was gone. Can’t reproduce it but it was certainly there (I wasn’t drunk is what I mean to say).

Very nice program by the way. The only thing I need now is the talent of a nobel prize winner like Cela or Saramago.

Thanks for taking the time to explain. Strange - this shouldn’t happen. I can’t reproduce it, so if anyone sees this please let me know - let’s see if anyone can break it down and see in what exact circumstances it happens.

You mentioned that this happened in the Tutorial but not in new projects. Do you perhaps remember which part of the tutorial you were in when it occured? Was it one of the Steps? A new document you created within it?

I just opened the document and it’s there again. i made a tiff thing of it but don’t know how to send it to this forum. And AmberV: it is not in the Tutorial but in a new (well, an existing) document.

Send the tiff to me:

Thanks for sending the picture. Yep, that definitely shouldn’t happen - and is very strange. Are you using beta 3? Did you paste the text into the notes from anywhere else? Does it happen with any notes text? What do you have to do to recreate the problem? Can you create a new project and do something that will guarantee to reproduce this bug? I can’t reproduce it, and unfortunately it is nearly impossible to fix something like this until I can get it to happen myself.
Thanks to anyone who can help find steps to reproduce this one.
All the best,

I am using beta 3.
It happens (sometimes) both with pasted text and new text. But it happens irregularly. I just started the program again and again with Notes & References and everything is oke, startd the program with Meta-Data (with notes) and everything is fine. But when I change from Notes & References to Meta-Data (with Notes) things are going wrong.

I have made a new file and the same thing happened, both with pasted text and with new text.

Great! Thanks, that could very well be the bug right there. The text view gets swapped between those views and I wasn’t changing the size of it properly when it gets switched. It’s strange that the width gets thrown off given that it is the same width in both views, but I reckon this is the problem. I managed to recreate something similar when switching between these modes (only for me the text was too narrow rather than too wide, but this must be the same bug). I have updated the code and sent you an updated version of Scrivener to see if this squashes the bug. Please let me know if it does.

I played for a while with the updated version and everything seems to be ok now.
Keep you informed.

I have just experienced the same problem as gjvandijk. And yes, I’m using b3; and no, I did’nt paste the text into the notes; I simply typed it.

Like I say, I think I’ve fixed this for the next beta - I e-mailed gjvandijk an updated version and hopefully that fixes it… Thanks!

same here

Hi Keith,

is it possible to have the SC version with this fix.

I am working on a quite complex and big project and this fix would help me a lot.

Thank you in advance


There should be a new beta available in about a week or so which will fix this. I sent out a rough beta to the original poster just to see if this was fixed (it is), which I do very occasionally when I want to be sure. But because the code right now is an intermediate state, I don’t want it to be “out there” any more than absolutely necessary.

Thanks for your understanding,

I understand

No Problem :slight_smile: