inspector shows wrong index card for folders

I am using scrivener on both Mac and windows.

On windows it goes as expected: when I click on a file the inspectors shows the index card of that file and when I click on a folder the Inspector shows the index card of that folder.

On the MAC however I cannot attach an index card to the top folder. Also if I go on a folder, the inspector shows the index card of its first file or subfolder.

Did I miss any settings here? I really do not understand how to adjust this. What I want to see in the Inspector is the index card of the file or folder I click on. Please help!

When you load a folder in the editor, Scrivener on the Mac remembers your selection from the last time you viewed the folder. Windows does not yet do this, always loading your folder with no selection in the editor, meaning you see the folder’s index card in the inspector rather than that of the selected document in the editor. To view the folder’s synopsis on the Mac, just deselect the current selection on the corkboard or outliner (Cmd-click the selected card or row, or just click into any of the blank space in the editor outside the cards or rows).

If you mean the Draft folder (or Research), this is a special root folder that cannot have a synopsis, so you won’t be able to create an index card for it on either the Mac or Windows version. All other folders should be able to have a synopsis however, so you may just need to deselect the subdocument in order to access the index card for the folder.

:wink: Thanks so much! That helped a lot!