Inspector - Synopsis - Auto Generate [BUG LOGGED]

The Auto Generator for the Synopsis Card works for automatically copying the first few lines, but not for selected text.

1 - Just hitting the Auto Generator button (with no text selected) copies the first few lines of the document onto the card.

2 - Hitting the Auto Generator button while text is selected in the document ALSO produces the first few lines of the document on the card - not the previously selected text. No matter what text is selected, only the first lines of the document will show up on the card.

This feature isn’t Orange in the tutorial.

Bug reported here as well.

Thanks Cimeries. And jo1.

To be honest we overlooked this feature and will incorporate in a future build.

Not sure if I should start a new bug or if this is really just a part of this auto generate bug. However, when I try to auto-generate a synopsis from a folder, I either get an error message or the program freezes.