Inspector Text Style options should be Left Justified (Scapple for Windows 64 bit)

A little UI oddness:

In the Inspector Text Style panel, the buttons “B I U S” are Right Justified, so vanish off the screen if you make the Inspector narrow. Presumably, they should be Left Justified so they remain mostly visible.

(New version of Scapple rocks, btw)

Are you using an atypical font size in your Windows setup (or maybe a high-res DPI monitor)? I’m wondering how you’re even getting to the point where these buttons are collapsed out of view, as for how I have things set up it’s impossible to narrow the inspector beyond this point:

(New version of Scapple rocks, btw)

Thanks! :smiley:

UPDATE. To replicate the issue :

Using a Scapple file in a Scrivener project with a 32" LG screen:

  1. Hide the Inspector.
  2. Maximise the Scapple window.
  3. Close the Scapple file.
  4. Reopen the Scapple file.
    File seems to take slightly too long to open… Odd.
  5. Display the Inspector.
    Inspector appears squished into the side.
  6. Drag the Inspector to resize it.
    All the weirdness happens.
  7. To make the weirdness go away, toggle the Inspector off and on again.

Many thanks! I’ll have to take a look at this with a few different configurations, as initial testing (in light and dark mode) still could not reproduce it. It might need a high-res monitor, which I don’t have, but we do collectively. At any rate, this is hopefully enough for someone else to see it.

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(Happy to test a beta and video the results.)

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