Inspector's Meta Data box obscured.

I opened Scrivener 2.0 today as I usually do(OSX 10.6.5) but now notice that the Meta Data label and arrow (open or close arrow) are obscured by the Synopsis box above it. No amount of opening and closing of the inspector seems to rectify the problem. Downloaded the the 10.6.5 update yesterday … is it related?

Oops! Closed Scrivener and rebooted and now its working. However, it was working fine the first time I booted the program and the problem developed while Scrivener was open?


This is a known bug and I’m trying to narrow it down and fix it - someone has provided me with some files to help me reproduce it. I’ve seen it myself but have had problems squashing it. Until I’ve tracked and squashed it, if you ever see it, just close and reopen the affected project and it will usually be fine. It’s just a minor display issue - in Cocoa controls, if things get too close on resizing, sometimes they can start overlapping and disappearing, and they stay like that until you close and reopen the affected window. (Even Apple’s Xcode has this problem sometimes.) Hopefully I’ll get it nailed for 2.0.1 though, as it is something I managed to avoid with 1.x.


Hi Keith,
Thank you for the reply and suggestion.