Install and run issues (64-bit) SOLVED- see last post

I had few issues with the first beta, but nothing major. (64-bit) is totally unusable to me.

  1. the installer freezes at" installing uninstaller 75%"
  2. it runs so slow as to be unusable.
    It will eventually open my scriv file but it takes 20+ minutes. once it’s open anything I try to do makes the program not respond for minutes at a time. Right now I’m trying to create a new project, saved on my desktop, and it’s not responding.

Because of the uninstaller issue. I can’t uninstall. I tried deleting any scrivener program folders I can find and reinstalling but that did nothing.

any help is appreciated.

What OS are you using it on? Secondly, have you updated your video card drivers recently? If your video card is a potato, Scrivener is sluggish with the beta. I got a new video card for Christmas/birthday (yay!), and things are much, much zippier. Also, how much system RAM do you have? Scrivener 2.9 does have a bit more of an overhead, I’m finding, than the 1.9 tree.

Windows 10, builtin graphics to Intel chip
8GB ram

Edit: the first beta ran fine.

solved it. It was a bad hard drive.
I had an old 2TB storage drive in my PC. just used to hold movies and music. It had some bad sectors and A few diagnostic tools were taking forever to run. I unplugged that drive and scrivener works just as fast as before.

Problem: what changed between the 2 betas that the status of a hard drive that scrivener is not installed on and there is no data it that it affects how scrivener installs and runs?