Install fails on old Win XP Thinkpad [ADDRESSED]

I know you people must be flat out like a lizard drinking, but here’s a bug to consider when you have time:

I downloaded and installed Scrivener for Windows on a Thinkpad X 40 running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, HDD 11 Gb available, RAM 1015 Mb, 655 Mb free.


This application has failed to start because it was not configured correctly. Reinstalling it may fix the problem.

Reinstalled. This did not fix the problem.

Thanks for your good work, and best for the future. Scrivener for Windows is a wonderful thing!
John Tranter

Same error message on opening for me.
“D:\Program Files|Scrivener|Scrivener.exe
This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. [OK]”

Reinstalling did not fix. I have not and will not try installing on C:\ drive.

Forgot to add: Running Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 2 on an Acer TravelMate 5614WSMi. Also running AVG 9.0.

You’re right: one must bring Windows entirely up to date for the Scrivener install to work.

I reinstalled a missing .NET component (a lengthy process) and restarted Windows, and voila, Scrivener worked.

Many thanks

John Tranter

Here’s my experience with WINDOWS XP today…

There has been several reports about Scrivener not running under Windows XP.

I was unable to duplicate this on any of my test XP machines until I found a very old copy of XP and proceeded to pursue an update path over the course of a day.

What I discoved is that XP users must be running service pack 3 at least. But even then, you must run the Windows Update to ensure Windows XP is fully up to date. Remarkably, I had to run the Windows Update FOUR times in succession - each time it downloaded items? Go figure Windows?

Eventually, on hitting the Windows Update for the fifth time, exhausted and weak at the knees, I was kindly informed that Windows was all up to date.

At this point Scrivener for Windows ran perfectly.

I’m not exactly sure which component made all the difference due to time and the volume of correspondence I’ve had today. However, I can confirm that Scrivener does run nicely with a fully up to date version of XP running service pack 3.

You’re absolutely right.


John Tranter

Try downloading and installing the Visual Basic 2008 Redistributable library (vcrun2008). I’m using XP SP 2, and that cleared up the error for me. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

This post solves the issue: