Install problem Scrivener 1.9 and Windows 10

I’m having a weird problem with the Scrivener 1.9 installer on my Windows 10 notebook.

The installer window only partially appears on the lower left corner of my screen. I can drag it into the middle of the screen, but then it just snaps back into the corner again. I can’t see any of the buttons to continue the install. I dunno, Other installers work fine, but, I’m guessing this is a Windows 10 quirk.

Since this is my only computer, it means I have to give up using Scrivener if I can’t get it installed, which means I have to find a functioning computer, dump all of my work out of the Scrivener files, and start over with something new.

Not ideal.

Screenshot attached so you can see what I’m talking about.


This is actually a HiDPI quirk, although it doesn’t happen on every HiDPI display and I’m not sure what particular settings are triggering it. The installer unfortunately doesn’t support HiDPI or allow Windows to scale it, and since we’re using a third-party tool for this, we haven’t found a way to work around it ourselves.

The solution is to temporarily lower your screen resolution, then run the installer, then switch back to your regular high res settings. Scrivener itself will look rather squished at the high resolution too, and we’re working on adjusting that, but in the meanwhile you can follow the steps in this article to scale it for the display.