install, registration, and online verification all completed

Dear Scrivener for Windows Development Team -
My hat is off to you, Lee, Amber, and those that contitute the entire Scrivener for Windows Dev Team… I paid my $35 dollars to eSellerate, a few days ago and less than an hour ago installed the full version over the top of the BETA version I had installed. The installer did its thing, Scrivener came up, I gave it my registration information, and it connected to the internet and validated my license. Unlike almost every other piece of software I bought for this stupid VAIO has caused me considerable grief, and installing the full version of Scrivener was totally painless and I didn’t even lose any settings. Well Done!

I never would have left the mac world save for the fact that my first generation macbookpro cant even begin to install Lion let alone run it, and at the time I had to make a command decision… There are bad blocks all over the original disk (unless Im reading the key for iDefrag 2 wrong) which meant that I had to get a replacement, and the sad fact is that I wont be able to type much longer cosmically speaking. If I had the money I would have replaced my mac with a new one, but I didnt have the coin, and you’d have to be insane to actually sign up for Apple Financial Assistance… the interest rate is 65% if you dont make the payments on your new machine within the first 90 days or something equivelant, and I couldnt find a appple reseller that offered decent fair financing options, so I took every cent that I hadf and bought an eight core VAIO. To be fair I got a LOT of bang for my buck but windows 7 is NOT OS-X which left me with two options. Compromise my integrity and use my disability as a means of asking for the charity necessary to secure a new mac, or buy what I could with the money that I had and pray that I could find some way of making money even though I cant even get out of bed or sit up straight inn a wheelchair – hell - I can’t even put sneakers on without excruciating pain. Then - finally - a break. Even though it would mean using windows, I found out that Scrivener - the program that I’m using to stake my entire future on the only talent I have - (I’m an excellent weaver of fiction and nonfiction alike) was making a debut onm windows thus I made the only play that I could at the time. I bit the bullet and switched to windows. I hate everything about using it, and the fact that I had to spend a small fortune securing it against external threats only adds insult to injury. But I only had two choices:

a.) use my disability and appeal to the charity of the internet users at large
b.) sell out, humble myself, go back to where I swore I would never return and pray that the Scrivener for Windows application would be a close adaptation to ther greatest piece of software ever conceived for a mac.

thankfully, you all did not let me down.

I couldn’t have asked for more. I dont have a dock at the bottom of my screen, but Scrivener for Windows has all the fundamental components of its older brother - which is a monolithic accomplishment considering the fact that you coded it in such a short amount of time – I even got to keep the feature that means the most to me - the one that I asked Keith for - my beloved square cursor (it seems like such a small thing but believe me - when you have vision issues as bad as mine a cursor you can actually make as big or as small as you want is a monumental feature – and enables me to say theres one more thing I CAN do rather than CANT… and when your as handicapped as me - focusing on what you can do gets you through the nights where you suffer beyond description due to all the things you cant do - all because you were born into a world where the woman that was supposed to love you the most loved you least of all and as soon as I was out of her she was gone – leaving me to my fate… and I’ve been fighting for everything Ive accomplished in this world ever since. Im honored to carry a permanent disability - even after its robbed me of the right to get out of bed - because if I didnt take the hit it might have fallen on the shoulders of someone that I love - or will love in the future – and thus I endure. I’m not the brightest, and will never be the fastest, and will never know freedom as you do but thats okay. Courageous individuals such as myself make normalcy possible for the rest of you; I’ve taken more than my share of shit in my time, and done so with as little complaint as possible.

Nobody can take that away from me.

In closing I thank you for making Scrivener 1.0 for windows possible. With it I hope to successfully petition the powers that be in Hollywood and then the modern medical establishment for the right to get my life back - even if it means taking a power saw to both my legs and being done with them all together. God willing, Scrivener will literally set me free physically, and secure my financial future and stability… so I can finally throw off the chains of government welfare and make something of myself - one novel at a time. Thank you for ensuring that I’m no longer tied to the abomination of Binary commonly referred to as Microsoft Word – even if I had to pay for it twice. Thankfully you charged a price even someone as destitute as me can afford. Thank you for your tireless work - I promise to respect all the hours you spent writing every line of code, and with a little bit of luck I’ll be on the New York Times best sellers list by this time next year. The series will be dedicated to you, and this community - if you dont deserve my unwavering allegiance nobody does (though I confess that the moment I have the money from book sales Im going back to the mac - but first I have to finish the Series that will eventually earn me the coin…) and without you and Scrivener 1.0 for windows it would never be finished. Should I find any bugs you will of course be the first to know.

From the Bottom of my Heart - Thank You for all Your Hard Work.
Most Sincerely,
C.R.K. aka ShadeofGrey
live fast, love hard, and die without regrets

Thanks! I’m glad to hear you can continue on with using Scrivener even though the old Mac has died. In a sense this will probably be a good thing for you. Windows has, as a platform, much greater support for accessibility add-ons and hardware, simply by being the larger market. Best of luck with the novels you have planned!