Install & use on windows tablet

With all the current activity in relation to tablets, I thought I would report on the experience of installing and using Scrivener on Windows tablets.


Lenovo MIIX 10, Windows 10 Home

Dell Venue Pro 11Windows 10 Pro.

Scrivener 1.9 and 1.95

Both have the ability to be used through supplied keyboards when behavior is as expected. This note reflects use as a tablet.

Install in tablet mode results in the install window defaulting to the bottom left of screen in landscape mode, with the buttons below the screen bezel. Turning the machine to portrait mode centres the install window and enables the install to proceed. Just before install is finalised the install window expands significantly and then returns to normal size. Install is then completed.

In use, the touch screen works fine and all functions bar one so far tested work. The gotcha is that the onscreen keyboard is not activated when shifting focus to typing areas such as the editor. Consequently, it is not possible to enter text when in tablet mode