Install with error "Scrivener may not work properly"!

I just downloaded the Scrivener trial so that I could put in my activation code. When it was installing a box came up that said “Install with error” and it said that Scrivener may not run properly because it installed with an error. It also gave me a message that looked like a file name and it said it finished with an error code.

I’m afraid to open Scriv, help me!

Did you uninstall the old beta version first?

I suspect this may be the same error I reported in this thread. @ReadySetWrite–does this look like the same thing?

YES! That is exactly what I had!
Thank you very much.

And yes, Amber, I did uninstall the old beta version.

I posted over in that thread too, but essentially this is an issue with including the Microsoft check and installer for the runtime files; so long as you have the files installed (which you do if you’ve been running the beta previously), you can ignore this and despite the error the installation should finish correctly. Lee’s stripping this extra bit out of the installer since it turned out to be more problematic than helpful.