Installed on new computer, interface is VERY small

I had S on my old computer, i5 HP and never had to ‘adjust’ or do anything to the interface, it was sized fine. (Toolbars, and the entire L side with binders, folders, etc). Had S installed on a new computer last week (i7 HP) and the entire interface is tiny. Any box I open is also very small and the type inside as well. So it’s the whole program that’s very small while the font inside the editor box is fine. I’ve gone through all the individual settings but none of that would make sense to change, as it’s every aspect of the program. Should I try to reinstall? Thanks so much!

Sorry, have to say, the editor is also small, so I guess it’s the entire software that loaded really small. Hope that wasn’t confusing.

Is Scrivener full screen ?

Yes, it is full screen.

I also went into my resolution settings for the computer itself and changed it, but that did not affect Scrivener. None of my other software is out of the ordinary and seemed to load onto the new computer without issues.

I just don’t understand how the editor could be “small”.
A screenshot would greatly help.
At the moment, being new to the forum you can’t upload images ; but perhaps you could upload a screenshot somewhere else and then link to it here ?

I’m not sure I’m tech savvy enough, I don’t even know how to take a screen shot of my computer screen. I know it would help, it’s hard to describe. Basically, when the body type in the editor is at 100%, it appears to be about 5 or 6 point font size. And the font size of everything else, the binder labels, folders, bars at the top and any box that you open also looks to be about that size. So the entire software seems shrunken - only exception is the very top bar where you have File, Edit, View Project etc and the icons under that - that is normal size. I’ll try to figure out how to do a screen shot - any suggestions on where I should put it so you can see? Thanks, V!

Increase the font size here :
Go a bit at a time, don’t go for too much of a big font right away. If the font is too big, windows will be so huge that you won’t be able to undo the mistake.

That is perfectly normal. The higher the screen resolution, the smaller the text at 100%.
I zoom at 110-125% and it is still relatively small. (Almost everybody zooms.)

For the text in the editor, use Ctrl+mouse wheel up.

I took a screen shot :slight_smile:
I did see that but I thought that since the whole interface was small, it wouldn’t make sense that I would need to increase every aspect. Especially since when I originally downloaded the software, it was at a normal size.
Thank you so much for this - I will go in there and give it a try! Thanks for the quick assistance - I’m on deadline. LOL

Here are other places where you can change the font size for sections of the app :

Ctrl+Mousewheel otherwise also works for notes and comments.

Yeah, I have an older version (1.9) but I found it! And it helped so much just to increase the size from 10 to 11. You are a life saver, thank you so very much!

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