Installing a British English spelling dictionary

So I’ve just downloaded the Windows trial of Scrivener to test it out on a new writing project and so far I am enjoying it and will probably buy it when the trial runs out. There is just one major problem. There is no British English dictionary included with the Windows version (which seems utterly ridiculous). I’ve checked the manual and there is nothing listed in it.

Is there some way to install a British English dictionary? It annoys me no end when I keep getting told I’ve spelt words like realise wrong!

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:.

Hello Cromulent,
You might want to check the program before having a bit of a rant " (which seems utterly ridiculous). I’ve checked the manual and there is nothing listed in it."
Go to Tools / Options / Corrections and select British English.

Here is the part of the manual you didn’t check;

“B.6 Corrections The Auto-Correction tab contains optional typing aids, such as typographic enhancements (em dashes, smart quotes, etc), word completion, and control of the spelling engine.
B.6.1 Spelling Check spelling as you type Displays red underlining for words that are not found in thebuilt-indictionary,asyoutype. Thissettingimmediatelyimpactsprojects.
Correct spelling errors as you type Willcorrectcommonspellingerrorsandtyposautomatically. Forexample,“teh”willbecorrectedto“the”.
Dictionary Click the Select button to choose your preferred dictionary. You can only loadonedictionaryatatimeforspellchecking. Ifyoucannotfindyourlanguagein the supplied list, click the Download button. Additional dictionaries are available, andcanbedownloadedandinstalledintoScrivenerwithasingleclick”

Regards Just another Scriv user.

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Cheers. Must have missed that. Ah well first time I’ve used the program so there you go.

Thanks, I was wondering about this too, I saw the other part of the menu (General > Language) where no British English was installed or available, despite the fact that it is already my system default … I didn’t know there was a second place in the options from which to install it … cheers

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