Installing Devon WordService

I’ve downloaded Devon Technologies’ WordService, unzipped it, made a folder called Services within the ~/Library folder, and dropped the app in, then logged out and back in, and even restarted a couple of times. But I still can’t see it in the System Prefs list of Services, nor does it appear within Scrivener. Anyone?

I’ve moved this to “Software by Other Folk” seeing as it isn’t about Scrivener (we can only offer technical support for Scrivener in the Tech Support forum, sorry!).

Hopefully someone here will be able to answer.


Assuming you are running Snow Leopard, Services will only show up if they are relevant (though they should always appear in the System Preferences, so that’s a little odd). Make sure there is something called “WordService.service” in your ~/Library/Services folder. You shouldn’t need to log out and back in, with Snow Leopard, but you are right in trying to do that as it does resolve some unusual cases. So that leaves context. Just make sure you are in a text editor when you try to access the Services menu. They won’t show up if you are looking at a PDF, for example.

Yes, WordService.service is in the ~/Library/Services folder; no, I copied some text into a new file to mess with and it’s not a PDF; no, can’t see it in the Services part of the System Prefs. Baffled now.

Hmm, yeah something is working right. You should be using the same version of the Mac I am, if you are talking about the MacBook Air still, so it’s not an OS version problem. I installed these a while back, and I recall the only frustration I had was the opposite: turning off a bunch of services I didn’t need (only wanted a few of them). Hopefully someone has experienced similar and has some tips, but it does sound like an OS problem of some sort, since they aren’t showing up in system preferences.


This is a shot in the dark, but you keep referring to ‘it’ not appearing in services. In fact, WordService installs several separate services, none of which is call “WordService”. Instead each is named after its own function.

Does your System Preferences have entries for “All Caps”, “Initial Words of Sentences” etc now under the Text heading? If so, WordService has been installed and all you need to do is turn them on, then they’ll appear.

Sorry if this isn’t the problem, but I thought it worth mentioning, just in case.


Good spot, Brookter, those are showing in the Services preferences in the System Prefs. But they’re not showing up in Scrivener.

I’m just indexing the hard drive, on a hunch; this Air is a new computer given to me by my son :smiley: and he’s been using it for a couple of months before taking his stuff off and putting my login on; I’ve then put on my essential work stuff. So it may be a confused little Air. Maybe indexing will re-educate it.

Hm. Complicating matters slightly, I look at Scrivener on this old computer, and see that Scrivener’s Services menu no longer shows ‘Format’ or ‘Reformat’ (can’t remember which it used to be). But when I try selecting a bunch of text with gaps and line endings, and press cmd-& (my shortcut for ‘reformat’) in Scrivener, it obediently reformats the text.

Indexing did the trick; ‘Reformat’ appeared in the System Preferences. Thanks for the help.