Installing French dictionary on 64 bit 1.9.01 Beta linux

On 8 January, “Laurent” posted in the “Linux 1.9.01 Beta thread” that he had scrivener working but couldn’t install the French Dictionaries and couldn’t read the error messages. See :

I replied with some indications I was able to add about the error messages. Today, I’ve had a few moments to retry the installation of French dictionaries and now have them working. Several other threads have much detail about getting spell checking working in scrivener but mostly they concern 32 bit systems.

I thought it appropriate to put my notes in a new thread in case others have this problem. It is probably important to note that the solution which worked for me could very well be specific to my desktop. I am using UbuntuStudio14.04 LTS on a 64bit machine and I installed the 64 bit .deb package of scrivener 1.9.01 Beta in English.

The English spell checker in scrivener was working but I had the same problems as Laurent to download a French dictionary - it failed with numerous error messages.

I already had Aspell with EN and FR dictionaries installed from the Ubuntu depositories so I just copied the fr-*.rws files from the Aspell system installation to the appropriate scrivener installation location.
There were 3 files : fr-40-only.rws, fr-60-only.rws, fr-80-only.rws.
On my UbuntuStudio installation, Aspell *.rws files are in /var/lib/aspell/
Scrivener’s installation places the dictionary files in : /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

I used the following command :

sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/fr-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

I restarted scrivener and checked in scrivener Tools/Options/corrections/ that the french dictionaries were visible and then created a new file with language defined as french. The spell checker works as I type. It seems to work on block paragraphs and new words seem to add to the dictionary as required.

Time will tell if there are some defects in the spell checking that are not yet apparent.

I didn’t have to alter any scripts or add any dependencies but it may well be that I had all dependencies already on board.
Hope this might be of use.

Bonsoir Philippe,

I tried to do the same but… it doesn’t work.

In my /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/
I find a lot of french files called .alias but no fr-40-only.rws, fr-60-only.rws, fr-80-only.rws.

How can I get them ? How to install them ?
They are not in the /var/lib/aspell/

Merci mille fois d’avance !

Hi, im Linux and Scrivener noob, but I manage to install dictionary.

My way (Linux Mint 18 64x):

  1. Normal way of downloading and instaling dictionary (from Tools menu) give me errors so I change permissions to save (right click on folder> open as admin>properities>) in /usr/share/scrivener/ - this eliminated errors while downloading. But still I can’t see dictionaries on list.

  2. Blindly (got no idea what im doing :blush: ) copy and pasted codes from one of the posts:

sudo apt-get install libaspell-dev


sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/en-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

(prolly unnecessary):
2. a

sudo ln -s  /var/lib/aspell/en-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/
  1. b
    changed name of english dictionary to my desired dcitionary :unamused:

This allow me to show 3 english dictionaries in list, meanwhile I saw my dictionary file in /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/ folder (but not in the Scrivener list). But hey, it was something!

  1. Assuming I got Aspell already installed i go to download language pack: After unpacking package I follow it readme file:

Right click inside extracted folder (with dictionary) -> open in terminal ->

sudo make install

I dont know how, but this steps allow me to see my desired dictionary in Scrivener list! Now everything is working :smiley:

edited to make instructions more clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much…
I can’t do the 3rd thing…

What do you mean by opened terminal inside folder with dictionary ?

I am very sorry :slight_smile:

New try and it… scores !
Thank you so much! This is brillant!

PS: right now, I tru to get Scrivener in French (i put he option but it stays in English)

Pour les francophones, je traduis et adapte le superbe pas à pas signalé par TherioN

1. Installation du système de correction orthgraphique Aspell

Ouvrir le terminal

sudo apt-get install libaspell-dev

Puis copier le système de correction orthgraphique vers le dossier des systèmes de correction orthgraphique lus par Scrivener

sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/fr-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

Charger les dicos FR fr-40-only.rws, fr-60-only.rws, fr-80-only.rws … nary-files

Puis les copier

sudo cp /home/path/fr-*.rws /var/lib/aspell
sudo cp /var/lib/aspell/fr-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/


a) Vérifier que le système de correction orthgraphique est bien installé

sudo ln -s  /var/lib/aspell/fr-*.rws /usr/share/scrivener/bin/Aspell/dict/

2. Maintenant que le système de correction orthgraphique est bien installé, il faut aller télécharger le dictionnaire lui même dans lequel Aspell va puiser pour corriger vos textes à la volée:
Pour le fr, choisir Fran aspell-fr-0.50-3.tar.bz2

Pour l’installer le disctionnaire FR, ouvrir le dossier par un clic droit et l’option Ouvrir avec le terminal le dossier aspell-fr-0.50-3 que vous venez de télécharger.






sudo make install

Relancez Scrivener.
C’est fini.

Extraordinaire ! Linux est encore une sorte d’hébreu pour moi ; cette solution, suivie sans chercher à trop comprendre, fonctionne enfin, après moult essais infructueux !
Merci !