Installing on new PC after old one dies.

My old desktop computer on which my Scrivener project resides, has died. Techies tell me almost all of my data has survived and can be transferred to a new machine, but obviously the software with all its scattered parts, cannot be transferred – and it can’t be simply removed from the old PC because the PC refuses to boot.
So can I just download the full latest version of Scriv, using my existing serial/license number without encountering any restrictions on the number of computers one license can cover? I’m the sole user of the program here and it is running on only one other machine, a laptop.

Yes, you can. The license is very permissive - you’ll be told the system is checking online with Eseller, then it should simply authenticate and you’re done. If there’s a problem get in touch with support, but I’ve had never any issues, and I do a lot of reinstalling (I always do a fresh install of new versions of an OS and I have 3 computers…). While they’re sorting out any problems, the program will still work fully, but as a demo for thirty days.