Installing Scrivener for the Linux-Inept?

As I posted in another thread, I’ve been running Scrivener on my main home computer (a Mac) and quite like it, so now I would like to install it on my little Linux netbook, so that I can more easily participate in some of those NaNoWriMo group writing sessions around town.

But here’s the thing: although I have had said netbook for over a year, I blush to admit that I’ve never actually installed any software on it other than through that Ubuntu Software Centre application. So I really don’t know how to install software for Linux by just downloading it from a web site. The one time I tried (not with Scrivener; it was another program a while back), it didn’t work in any way I was remotely familiar with and I ended up giving up in frustration.

I’ve noticed there seem to be two different formats you can download it in - is one of them by any chance easier to install than the other? If I install it that way rather than through the Ubuntu Software Centre, will it still show up with the rest of my programs? (The ones I install from there seem to automatically turn up in groups by category - Internet, Graphics, etc. - with nice little clickable icons). Or are there some sort of instructions available on Installing Scrivener on Linux for Dummies?

Sorry, I know these are incredibly basic questions and I probably sound like a complete moron. Really, though, I’m an intelligent person in other respects (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I’m just not very experienced with doing anything more complex on Linux than just running the programs I’ve downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Centre (which does not have Scrivener, BTW - that was the first thing I checked).

Oh, and I should add - I’m running the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and according to the System Monitor application, it’s release 10.04 (lucid), with Linux kernel 2.6.32-34-generic and GNOME 2.30.2, if that helps any.

Never mind, I just took a chance, and ended up answering my own question! I downloaded the DEB version and it pretty much installed itself with no effort or brain power required on my part. Next thing I knew, a handy little Scrivener icon was sitting in with my other apps in the Office category, and voila, it’s now up and running. :smiley:

I’ll leave this post up for anyone else who may be feeling similarly intimidated, though. Linux newbs, have no fear, the DEB package is your friend.

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I love happy endings :slight_smile:

Nice! I need that .deb file.