installing Scrivener on a 2nd laptop w/no internet connection via USB drive - is it possible


I have a licensed version of Scrivener on my laptop at home. I also work on a 2nd laptop at my job and would like to be able to use Scrivener on my lunch hour via a USB drive, but it has no internet connection.
I’ve tried copying files from my laptop & installing directly to the flash drive at home, but get the this is a trial version pop up when I’m at work. Is there a workaround that I can try?

thx in advance


Have you tried simply putting in your license number on the work (trial) copy of the program?

Your license allows you to install Scrivener on multiple computers.

Just install Scrivener on all your laptops and PC like you installed the first time. Use the same license number, and license name. It is possible even if there is no internet connection on the second computer.

This is your right under the license agreement, as long as you are installing Scrivener under the same household, in other words on computers that you are the primary user of.

You can not legally install scrivener on a work computer, and have your co-worker use it. It must be your own computer at work, or a household owned computer in your home.

I’m not sure it will work (can’t hurt to try though). When entering your licence key, you have to authenticate for the first time with the licence servers. There is an upper limit (I want to say 5, but it might be more) to how many computers can be licensed concurrently. The only way for them to enforce that (and prevent a license from being passed around to hundreds, or even thousands, of people) is to require an internet connection.

From :

The following may be of assistance. Note that it references Mac OS rather than Windows and you may encounter differences. It may be best to email their tech support. … activation

thanks for the replies, everyone

I did just go ahead and use the regular installation process. Scrivener will accept that and remain fully functional
but because I can’t connect to the Internet, it will continue to ask for the same information every time I access the program from my USB stick. I can live with the nag screens.