Installing Scrivener on a new computer

I am about to get a new computer. Is there any need to deregister my copy of Scrivener before installing it on the new computer? It’s on my work computer, so the IT people have asked me to check.

You’re allowed to install Scrivener on five different machines.
So there’s no need to unregister unless you’ve used up that quota.
Someone more official will respond soon to your query.

I’ve seen it explained that once you exceed your limit on registered computers, the oldest registration is tossed out. If you happen to still use the computer with the oldest registration, then you just re-register, and then whatever is oldest at that point is removed from their list of authorized computers. Thus it goes until the computer you don’t/can’t use is removed from the list, or until you realize that you have too many computers registered, and have to leave one out of the mix.

I assume this hasn’t changed since I read that.

Yes, that’s pretty much how it works.

With a work computer, the big thing I would watch out for is making sure I didn’t leave any personal data lying around.


I can’t register the software at all.

Sputnick, please contact our technical support address for personal assistance. We can walk you through the registration process.