Installing Scrivener on Ubuntu 13.04

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to install Ubuntu on my HP laptop for the last two weeks and I’m defeated. I’ve tried every way I could find online. If anyone can put some knowledge on me I would be deeply appreciative as I am ready to start work on my next novel and would love to try Scrivener.


Hi, what’s exactly your problem? Just installed on ubuntu 13.04 without any issue.
Be more costructive: do you get any error? any crash?

I’m sorry for the delay, work is kicking my butt. I guess I will have to go back through all the installation types and methods and take some notes. I wasn’t smart enough to do that first time around. Thanks for your patience all.

If anyone knows any licks, tips or tricks I’m open. I love Ubuntu to bits but I’m a little intimidated every time I have to peek under the hood.


I downloaded the .deb package
Opened a terminal
sudo dpkg -i package.deb

No tricks, just installed it easy way!
Bye and good luck

Although the above terminal command should work …
you might find it easier to first install GDebi Package Installer on your Ubuntu installation.

You can do that through Ubuntu Software Centre.

Then menu … Applications > System Tools > GDebi Package Installer

and install your downloaded Scrivener *.deb file via the GDebi GUI.

Thanks D-L, night, I used the Gdebi installer and I think it worked. I see a Scrivener logo in the software center however when I try to launch it I get a message telling me the software is beyond the free beta period. This was true on both the version and the 1.7 package.


Thx again!

I have version beta (32 bit) 07 Feb 2013 running on my Ubuntu 12.04.

Do you have the latest beta?

I would uninstall previous older copies of Scrivener (after backing up your data).
Then try again.

Do a search using
$ which scrivener
$ which Scrivener